OPEX® Provides Insights in Dealing with Fluctuations in Demand During Times of Uncertainty

April 7, 2020 – MOORESTOWN, NJ — OPEX Corporation discussed last week the difficulty in dealing with uncertainty related to eCommerce and order fulfillment. The fulfillment industry has been hit especially hard in the last 2 months managing supply chain, finding labor and figuring out how to adapt to daily changes, demand fluctuations and uncertainty.

In this webinar entitled, “Dealing with Unplanned Fluctuations in Business,” John Sauer, Senior Manager, Business Development and Analytics at OPEX Corporation discussed the effects COVID-19 is having on eCommerce and warehouse order fulfillment jobs.

Sauer also provided insights into how to prepare for unexpected business fluctuations and the steps you can take to insulate your operation in the future.

“The supply chain was simply not prepared for this level of dramatic change. There is still so much uncertainty for when business will return to normal, and what the new normal even looks like,” said Sauer, “Supply chain professionals need to ask themselves how they can better prepare disruptions and consider thinking outside of strategy relying solely on hiring more people.”

OPEX warehouse automation solutions are helping customers like BOXED confront the increase in supply and demand, especially for household items. Click here to view a video from CBS News.

For more information on OPEX warehouse automation solutions or to download a recording of the webinar, please visit www.warehouseautomation.com/webinars/dealing-with-unplanned-fluctuations/.

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